Let’s start with what is digital-marketing in general and digital in particular? What is this concept and why is it so important? Digital from English. Means “digital” add “marketing” and get digital marketing, like the promotion of a site, brand, product (product or service) through one or several channels of digital media.

Why Is Digital Marketing So Important?

Digital channels are so significant and global that consumers have access to information at any time and in any place. Gone are the days when people received only that information about the product that you prepared and provided. Then, accordingly, consumers knew just what you would want them to know. Are you confused? Unraveling! Digital media streams are continually growing as a web of entertainment, news, shopping, communication and any social interaction and consumers now know not only what your company says about your brand, but what they say about your media brand, friends in social networks, acquaintances and strangers, colleagues, etc. The catch is that the consumer believes them more than regular marketers. And they are right because they deserve the truthful advertising and the quality of the product. Consumers need to “offer” brands that they can trust, products for which they will be thankful. Companies are getting closer to people and are forced to respond to the demands and demands of society.

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