Digital marketing and related channels are essential, but not in place of others, but with others.  To own such information, you need to have a consolidated view of the client’s advantages and expectations in all types of channels: web, social media, mobile communications, direct mail, points of sale, etc.

Marketers can use this information for effective decisions and influence on customers who will be moving intensively along the “sales funnel.” The deeper your understanding of customer behavior, the more likely that you will increase the conversion.

There Was Internet Marketing, Now Digital Marketing …

Trends solve everything, today in the directions of Iron Mask and in his plans to connect the human brain and computer (of course, not in the literal sense and not with their own hands :). On this basis, Internet marketing has expanded into Digital-marketing, and we assume that digital-marketing also will be transformed and will exist at the interface of neuromarketing and automation of media channels and analytics (the new arises in interdisciplinary niches).

Digital marketing yesterday is the use of such channels for the promotion of the company, like television, radio, the Internet, mobile communications and outdoor advertising.

Digital-marketing today is the promotion of a website, brand, product through all digital channels, social media and mobile applications, banner advertising and interactive presentations, through contextual advertising, teaser and banner advertising, email marketing, PR companies and crowd marketing.

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